I’m Noah Cantor

Tech Leadership Coach

Learning to Lead

Move from overwhelmed to overachieving to bring you and your teams peace, satisfaction, and growth.

I’m Noah Cantor

Tech Leadership Coach

Learning to Lead

Go from overwhelmed to overachieving, and bring you and your teams peace, satisfaction, and growth.

Lead From The Heart

You’re not sure why you feel stressed at work, and the choices you have don’t feel right or align with your values. Discover your personal leadership skills, establish a foundation that adheres to your strengths and values, and lead your team the way you want to.

Empower Team Potential

Your team’s performance is worrisome: nothing you’ve tried has worked, and you wonder if you lack required leadership skills. Assess your policies, structures, and practices to root out what doesn’t align with your values, and optimise those that do so you can lead your team to its full potential.

Gain Unconditional Support

Your peers don’t understand the ways technology impacts management, and there are things you can’t share with your teams. This is a lonely place to be. Find guidance with a coach who understands the complexities of your role so you can explore your options while staying true to yourself.

About Me

When I took my first real IT leadership role, in a truly agile software company, I struggled. I remember coming home to my wife and talking about how difficult it was. I told her that if I survived the transition I was going through, I’d be much better off for it.

My leadership style was key to my struggles. When I took the role, I knew very little about management. I read books, but the majority of how I led was based on how I had been managed. I didn’t have a strong enough understanding of my own values and beliefs to know which things I wanted to copy and which I wanted to leave behind.I ended up adopting a variety of styles that were inconsistent and inauthentic… I was not a great first-time manager.

It was only two serendipitous conversations that exposed me to entirely unknown leadership options.

My journey continued over the next 10+ years, as a tech leader, consultant, and advisor to tech leaders. Every new experience enabled me to reinforce some beliefs and leave behind others. Over the years, I coached many tech leaders through the journey I went on, helping them discover ways to lead and manage that are aligned to their beliefs. The result was improved team and organisational performance. It turns out the combination of technical ability, hard-won knowledge, and caring deeply about people made me surprisingly well-suited to helping others with their own journeys. After seeing the positive impact coaching had on the people I worked with, I chose to do it full-time.

By working with me, you can benefit from the mistakes I made, saving yourself years of pain, stress, poor team performance, and loneliness.

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