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So interestingly

November 10, 20221 min read

So interestingly, I think the point still applies. No matter the organisation. The myth is that the debt belongs to Technology. Even your description of how it might accrue in a product team paints a picture of debt accruing because of product-level choices.

Even in product teams, where product teams have complete control, the choices which lead to what people call technical debt are made with an eye toward tradeoffs that reach beyond technology. So in the end, the debt still doesn't belong to technology. It might belong to the team as a whole, but the team as a whole includes more than just the tech, and we should identify the debt accordingly.

The same applies in your open source project. While the compromises are technical, the drivers for those compromises read like product decisions. So again, debt is generated in one place, and carried in another.

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Epiphanies for Everybody

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